BJ Pitts, CMT
    ​CAMTC #552

    Touch Therapies for Humans and Horses


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    Massage Therapy is a diverse field comprised of many traditions. My purpose as a Therapist is to help people live more comfortably, with less stress and pain.

    For Thirty Years, I have built my practice on a foundation of regular and continuing education, reinforced by constant feedback from clients. As a result, I have concluded that the John Barnes‘ approach to Myofascial Release (MFR) is most effective.


    Life’s twists and turns can weave a tangled web of stress and injury. Myofascial tissue forms a web encasing virtually all of the body’s structure, cells and organs.

    Myofascial tissue forms a powerful system. It can absorb stress, and has memory.

    Myofascial release helps that web release tension and return to its natural, healthy form.
    For more than twenty-five years, my office -- located in a professional setting in Arden Arcade (Sacramento) -- has been a welcoming, safe, place for my clients to relax, and enjoy the many benefits of massage.

    Please feel free to call me with any questions about Myofascial Release and Massage, or to schedule an appointment.

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    Arden-Arcade, Sacramento

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    Sessions are typically ½ hour to 1½ hours.

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